GoGo Penguin

It’s been an astonishing couple of years for the Manchester, UK based trio GoGo Penguin, acclaimed as one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from the UK in years and in a league of their own when it comes to their take on jazz.  Without a doubt, their style is primarily jazz, but with it comes infusions of classical, electronica, and even trip-hop.  As pianist Chris Illingworth explains, “We’re recreating electronic music on acoustic instruments.  It’s like a man-made object that has become humanized.”

GoGo Penguin’s trademark mash-up of Nick Blacka’s soaring double bass, Illingworth’s explosively energetic piano chords and arpeggios, and Rob Turner’s strangely perfect blend of drum and bass beat fuel their exhilarating live shows from Manchester to Montreal and Paris to London.

Their second album V2.0 was shortlisted for the 2014 Mercury Prize, the prestigious award for the British album of the year, which earned the band a legion of fans across the world and a three album deal with legendary jazz label Blue Note Records.  GoGo Penguin subsequently released Man Made Object in 2016, their debut for Blue Note.  2017 has already seen the band make their debut appearance at the SXSW Music Festival after releasing a new EP, Live at Abbey Road, in February. 

The Victoria Jazz Society is proud to bring this remarkable band back to Victoria after their sold out performance at TD JazzFest 2015.

GoGo Penguin - All Res -live at Union Chapel