An Evening With Jacob Collier

“An absolute genius… I have never in my life seen a talent like this… Beyond category. One of my favourite young artists on the planet – absolutely mind-blowing.” – Quincy Jones

British singer, multi-instrumentalist, and production wunderkind Jacob Collier went viral on YouTube, catching the attention of Quincy Jones. On 2016’s In My Room, which won 2 Grammys and a Jazz FM Award, Collier sang, played, and produced everything himself – and made it all in his childhood bedroom. This album led to collaborations with Herbie Hancock and Hans Zimmer, performances with the likes of Pharrell, a TED Talk, a BBC Proms concert and much more. In January 2018, Collier woke up and started composing for an orchestra for the first time, giving himself just four weeks to finish an entire album before flying to The Netherlands to record the songs with the Metropole Orkest. The result is Djesse, a four-album cycle and universal wonder featuring contributions from a global cast of Collier’s musical inspirations. It is one of the most audacious recording projects to emerge this decade from someone who is already established as one of music’s most electrifying new minds. Jacob Collier doesn’t merely embrace globalism; he lives it, sings it, arranges for it through songs that fight for something—music and its power to remind us of the connections we all share, the humanity of being alive at all. He last played TD JazzFest in 2017 in a solo performance, and is now joined by MARO vocals/keys/guitar/harmoniser/percussion, Christian Euman drums, and Robin Mullarkey bass/guitar/keyboards.

Show sponsored by: Trapeze Communications Inc.

Jacob Collier - Live in Paris @ La Cigale