Makaya McCraven

A heady, skillful, sophisticated and boldly uncompromising mix of jazz and hip-hop.” – UK Vibe

“In the Moment [is] one of the most important recordings to date in the modern jazz world.” – Turntable Lab

Makaya McCraven is a leading-edge sonic re-inventor of jazz drumming, dedicated to what he calls “organic beat music.” Operating at the intersection of jazz, electronica, and hip-hop, McCraven is a boundary-pushing beat scientist whose creativity and musical intuitions have caught the ears – and spun the heads – of critics and fans around the world. After moving to Chicago in 2007, he was soon immersed in both the mainstream and avant-garde jazz scenes. His 2015 debut CD, In The Moment, created a sensation, while more recent recordings, like his 2018 Universal Beings, have received even more ecstatic reviews, from Downbeat to the New York Times. This is not your everyday jazz drummer; if you’re looking for something different and boldly uncompromising, don’t miss this amazing JazzFest debut! Junius Paul bass, Matt Gold guitar, Greg Spero piano/keys, Greg Ward saxophone

Makaya McCraven Studio Sessions Live Set | Red Bull Music Festival