Patricia Barber Trio

One of the most utterly original jazz performers to arrive on the scene in years.” – Los Angeles Times

“Cross Diana Krall with Susan Sontag, and you get Patricia Barber, whose throaty, come-hither vocals and incisive piano are displayed to devastating effect.” – Time Magazine

Chicago’s Patricia Barber is a unique singer-songwriter-pianist who straddles the junction of jazz and blues (with some poetry-based song cycles and a few pop songs like “Ode To Billie Joe” thrown in for good measure). Notwithstanding Barber’s technical finesse on piano, it’s her songwriting, intriguing arrangements, and low-register vocals that are at the centre of her music-making. Starting in the ‘90s with Modern Cool and Café Blue, Barber emerged as a confident stylist whose cerebral take on life was idiosyncratic and often sardonic. Known for her cool intellectualism and a hip performance style more cabaret than concert hall, Barber has developed an ever-larger cult following. A recipient of the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship Award in the category of Music Composition, Barber is a one-of-a-kind artist with over a dozen impressive and diverse recordings. She last played TD JazzFest in 2013 and we’re honoured to have her back this time for her 2019 CD Release Tour that showcases her latest record, Higher. Her trio features Patrick Mulcahy bass and Jon Deitemyer drums.

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Des Rives et des Notes 2017 : Patricia Barber Trio