So Long Seven

“The band consists of expert players…fusing the inspirations of India, West Africa, Spain and Brazil to make dynamic, original music that draws on folk, chamber music and jazz…” – Ottawa Citizen

Influenced by bands such as Punch Brothers, Shakti, Oregon, among others, So Long Seven is breaking new ground, performing richly textured acoustic music that brings their diverse influences into a distinctly Canadian voice. At once spirited and meditative, So Long Seven creates a seamless blend between tabla, banjo, violin, vocals and acoustic guitar.  They have performed at several festivals and recorded their self-titled debut CD So Long Seven and their second November 2017 release, Kala Kalo. They have been categorized as world jazz, world folk, cinematic jazz and even multicultural chamber music, but the term that applies best to So Long Seven is original. Tim Posgate banjo, William Lamoureux violin/vocals, Neil Hendry guitar, Ravi Naimpaly table

So Long Seven performing Banjo Tequila