Victoria Jazz Society


Tuesday, June 25 | Wicket Hall | 9pm

“The infectious band you can’t get enough of.” – Tigre Sounds

The Los Angeles League of Musicians, LA LOM, are an instrumental trio formed in Los Angeles in 2021. Despite being formed in 2021, they gained quick attention after releasing their self-titled debut EP in the following year. They blend the sounds of Cumbia Sonidera, 60’s soul ballads and classic romantic boleros that emanate from radios, backyard parties and dance clubs of Los Angeles with the twang of Peruvian Chicha and Bakersfield Country.

LA LOM is an LA band through and through, so it should be no surprise that the three members are LA natives who met through high school and college. Since their formation, they’ve been playing shows nonstop in California and elsewhere, including opening for Cory Wong and the Wong Notes. But through the cold weather, no matter where the trio might find themselves next, there’s a guarantee they will effortlessly harness the nostalgia of cumbia music.




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